The Trouble with Man’s Best Friend

For some, pets are as much our family as children are to others. With the responsibility of owning pets comes the risk of accidents happening in the house. Whether you have a dog or a cat or some other kind of animal you let free roam on carpeted areas, it will most likely present an issue.

When it comes to urine related odors, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First things first, odor is a gas. Treating it as a gas and not as a liquid – which is what is perceived when it comes from a liquid source – changes the way you treat it all together. Second, there are two types of odor. Real odors caused by active odor-causing gas left over and perceived odors (also referred to as psychological odors) that are odors you think you smell because of past experiences.

We are able to treat both odors and to do so, we need to know the source of the odor itself.

This article will focus on the “real odors” which can usually be broken down into three categories:

  1. Pet Urine Contamination
  2. Mold & Mildew
  3. Cigarette Smoke

Before we can remove the odor, we have to fix the source. Removing the odor will do no good if it will come back as soon as it’s been removed. Mold is caused by temperature and moisture in the home. Cigarette odor requires the smoker to quit smoking or no longer smoke in the home and all hard or porous surfaces of the home need to be cleaned (and possibly resealed). Pet odor is a little different as you are not necessarily going to “get rid of the source.” If a pet is not house trained, it will need to be trained or unable to enter into the carpeted area(s). Allowing an accident prone animal to roam in a carpeted area could (depending on the size of your pet) result in over 30 gallons of urine a year!

Even removing the source is not always a guarantee for a successful odor elimination. The level of severity will determine which methods are used in treatment and what chemicals need to be used. Although there are many chemicals available for consumers to purchase and use on your own, there are important factors to take into consideration that often add to the problem.

We take careful steps to not only treat the area with care and remove the odor to the best of our ability, but we also apply preventative measures to keep the floors more protected in the future. Interested in finding out more about our process, or getting this done in your home? Contact us today!