Fabric Protector

Add an invisible barrier to your carpet or fabric. Extend the life of your carpet.

Warranty: Free 6 month spot/stain treatment (on carpet or upholstery) if you are not able to touch it up yourself.

How Does It Help?


Defensive Strategy

Our Carpet/Fabric Protector adds a layer of defense to your fabric.

When there is a spill, fibers would normally absorb it, creating soils or stains. Our Carpet/Fabric Protector wraps the fibers with a protective coating, like car wax on a car.


Long-Term Benefits

Spots and stains are less likely to be permanent, as the protector acts as an invisible barrier.

Carpets stay cleaner up to twice as long because vacuuming is more effective.


Fabric Protector in Action

All Out’s John Massey explains and demonstrates how our Fabric Protector works.

Are You Ready?

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