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Air Movers

Turbo Dryer

$ 15 / day

Our turbo dryers are stackable air movers that offer a lot of drying power. Features include low amp draw and an ergonomic “dogbone” handle for comfortable transport.

Motor 0.4 hp, 4.7 amps, 2 speed, 25 lbs., 2250 CFM rated air flow, 1075 CFM max tested airflow, 1.1″ static pressure, 25 ft. electrical cord and UL, C-UL listed.

Air Movers | Dryers


$ 17 / day

It’s aerodynamically designed for the highest velocity airflow with minimal amp draw – just 3 amps for 3200 CFM of direct angled airflow and the fastest drying.

Air Movers | Dryers


$ 17 / day

The ACE’s combination of low amp draw and high airflow allows you to assemble the most effective drying system possible so that structures dry fast, which is good news.

Motor 0.25 hp, 1.5 amps, 2 speed, 33 lbs., 2250 CFM rated air flow, 2000 CFM max tested airflow, 1.0″ static pressure , 25 ft. electrical cord and UL, C-UL listed.

Air Movers | Dryers


$ 20 / day

Achieve record-breaking drying times with the Studebaker Air-Path’s aggressive airflow and patented 360° air stream. It draws warmer, drier air from above, blows it down and across the entire carpeted surface for the fastest drying. Now, carpets will be dry before you leave for your next carpet cleaning job!

Air Movers | Dryers


$ 35 / day

This Dri-Eaz airmover will ventilate confined spaces up to 125 feet of Sto & Go ducting. The Vortex uses a 12″ axial fan blade to pull musty air out or propel fresh air into inaccessible area. It’s also an ideal choice for drying large open areas like gyms, concrete pads, hallway, etc.

Motor 1.0 hp, 7.4 amps, 1 speed, 35 lbs., 2041 CFM rated air flow, 1887 CFM max tested airflow, 3.2″ static pressure, 25 ft. electrical cord and UL, C-UL listed.

Air Movers | Axial Fans

Air Scrubbers

DefendAir HEPA 500

$ 35 / day

High efficiency air filtration, the maximum clean air rating from AHAM, and extreme versatility, all with a small footprint! The DefendAir HEPA 500 combines advanced clean air performance with the ultimate, functional features to make the restorer’s job easier.

44 lbs., 3 amps, 250 – 500 variable speed CFM, 2 stage filtration 1 – pre-filter + high efficiency primary filter, Microban antimicrobial housing protection, daisy chain capability, 25 ft. electrical cord and UL, C-UL listed.

Air Scrubbers | Negative Air Machines


EnviroBoss EB1400

$ 78 / day

Effectively tackle temperature and humidity problems with the EB1400. This versatile unit is designed to help you manage temperatures and control humidity anywhere it’s needed. Use it for cooling, heating, dehumidifying or air exchange. With interchangeable 8″ ducts, the EB1400 makes it easy to do focused heating, spot cooling or enhance dehumidification, depending on how it’s ducted. Adaptable to any job — from water damage to fire damage, commercial, construction, remediation or rental — the EB1400 will let you to take charge of any environment.

Dehumidifiers | Refrigerant Dehumidifiers, A/C

DrizAir 1200

$ 42 / day

The DrizAir 1200 dehumidifier has all the convenient features of its larger cousins while being compact and extremely portable. A proven favorite of water damage restoration professionals.

80 lbs., 15 gallon water removal, 64 pts at AHAM, hot-gas bypass, 227 CFM, centrifugal water pump out, 40′ drain hose, rotomolded housing, 6.4 amps, 25 ft. electrical cord and UL, C-UL listed.

Dehumidifiers | Standard Refrigerant

Evolution LGR

$ 48 / day

The Evolution is the first dehumidifier to pack premier, low grain refrigerant (LGR) technology into a compact design. Built for today’s trained restoration professional, the Evolution also encompasses the most user-friendly features.

92 lbs., 15.5 gallon water removal, 70 pts at AHAM, hot-gas bypass, 160 CFM, centrifugal water pump out, 40′ drain hose, rotomolded housing, 5 amps, 25 ft. electrical cord and UL, C-UL listed.

Dehumidifiers | Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

DrizAir 2800i

$ 88 / day

For maximum water removal on commercial and residential water damage restoration and ambient temperatures are above 90 degrees, the DrizAir 2800i stands alone. It removes volumes of water under a variety of drying conditions. As a low grain refrigerant dehumidifier, the 2800i excels in environments with low specific humidity.

165 lbs., 16+ gallon water removal, 128+ pts at AHAM, hot-gas bypass, 400 CFM, centrifugal water pump out, 40′ drain hose, rotomolded housing, 8 amps, 25 ft. electrical cord and UL, C-UL listed.

Dehumidifiers | Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

LGR 2000

$ 78 / day

Powerful water removal in a convenient size. Dri-Eaz built the brand new LGR2000 dehumidifier with intelligent structural drying technology. The LGR 2000 is the result of over 20 years of Dri-Eaz design experience.

132 lbs., 21.5 gallon water removal, 110 pts at AHAM, hot-gas bypass, 320 CFM, centrifugal water pump out, 40′ drain hose, rotomolded housing, 8 amps, 25 ft. electrical cord and UL, C-UL listed.

Dehumidifiers | Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

AQS 1200

$ 425 / day

The AQS 1200 desiccant dehumidifier packs incredible functions into a rugged, portable machine designed for the water damage industry. Featuring two 8″ process air outlets for lay flat or vinyl flex ducting dry air distribution. Single 8″ reactivation ducting for wet air out processing.

This unit features 900 CFM process air and 300 CFM reactivation and in a 240 volt single phase unit with user selectable 25 or 40 amp electrical draw. Using 240 volt power for the dehumidifier leaves all the outlets available for more air movers. Electrical outlet adapters are available in 30 or 50 amp 3/4 plugs or pigtail for direct panel connections. A Flood Rentals Hawaii licensed electrician is available for 24/7 hookups.

265 lbs.

Water removal: 52 gallons/day @ 80/60% RH 92 gpp or 43.6 gallons/day @ 80/42% RH 54 gpp.

Drying Specifications: This unit can process 54,000 cubic feet of air an hour.


Dehumidifiers | Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Flood Pumpers & Extractors

Flood King DX

$ 100 / day

The Flood King DX is the heart of the ultimate extraction system of the future. It will optimize the deep extraction tools you have.

88 lbs. 9 gallon recovery with 2 diaphragm bilge pumps for continuous discharge at 10.5 gpm, 100″ water lift/200 CFM, 13 amps with 3 stage filtration and a 25 foot electrical cord.

Flood Pumpers | Flood Pumpers & Extractors

Tsurumi 3720

$ 35 / day

This submersible pump handles sand, solids, and debris.

110v, max gallons per hour (GPH): 3720. Continuous Running Water Level: .2″. Max Solid Diameter: 3/8″. 2/3 HP.

Flood Pumpers & Extractors | Submersible Pumps

Tsurumi 3180

$ 35 / day

This submersible pump handles sand, solids, and debris.

110v, max gallons per hour (GPH): 3180. Starting current: 12.5 amps. Running current: 5.4 amps. Continuous Running Water Level: 3.5″. Max Solid Diameter: 3/8″. Max head: 39′. 1/2 HP.

Flood Pumpers & Extractors | Submersible Pumps

Portable Carpet Cleaner

$ 65 / day

10 gallon fresh and waste water tanks provide more time spent cleaning, not filling and dumping. Large, partially pneumatic stair-climbing wheels. 25′ electrical cord(s). 25′ solution and vacuum hoses. Stainless steel 2-jet wand. Upholstery cleaning tool also available for rent. Cleaning solutions available for purchase.

105 lbs. Dual VAC MOTOR. No internal heater. Units vary in appearance.

We recommend you pick up in an SUV or pick-up truck.

Flood Pumpers & Extractors | Vacuum Extractors


FLIR Therma Cam B-2

$ 125 / day

The ThermaCAM B2 infrared camera offers a non-invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings after a water damage loss. There is simply no better way to locate moisture in building materials.

Utilizing state of the art thermal imaging, locating moisture non-destructively has never been easier or faster. Simply turn on the FLIR B-2 and begin scanning walls, floor, roofs, exterior finishes and more. The temperature difference created by the presence of moisture will show contrast with the surrounding area. Monitoring your drying curves with the FLIR B-2 camera greatly reduces drying time. By locating problem areas, simple changes in equipment placement can be made to improve drying time. Thermal images can be provided to the customer and insurance adjuster to provide evidence that the building has been properly dried.

Infrared Cameras | Miscellaneous

GE Protimeter Surveymaster

$ 25 / day

Two great meters in one. The Surveymaster offers two ways to monitor the moisture content of materials: penetrating pins and non-invasive radio frequencies. Use it to distinguish sub-surface dampness—essential information when diagnosing the extent and cause of a moisture problem. Search Mode detects moisture without making holes in materials—and independently of surface moisture. Uses non-invasive radio frequencies to search for moisture behind finished materials like ceramic tile and vinyl flooring. Measure Mode penetrates materials with pin electrodes to take precise readings of moisture content in wood or wood moisture equivalent (WME) in other materials.

Miscellaneous | Moisture Content Meters

HydroSensor Probes

$ 10 / day

Map the migration of water in carpet and pad without straining your back. The HydroSensor has a collapsible shaft that extends to 31″ to save your knees and posture. Sensitive nickel-plated points alert you to moisture content above 17%. Use only on carpet and pad.

Miscellaneous | Moisture Probes

Zip Wall Poles

$ 15 / day

The ZipWall spring loaded barrier system consist of telescoping twist lock ZipWall poles, available in both 12′ and 20′ lengths. The system locks the poly sheeting material firmly against the ceiling, creating a virtually airtight barrier.

Set up your dust containment worksite in minutes.

Dust Containment | Miscellaneous

Odor Treatment

UnSmoke Electro-Gen

$ 10 / day

The Electro-Gen produces dry fog for smoke odor neutralization. Apply petroleum based thermo fogging agents for deodorizing smoke odors by recreating the smoke damage in structures. The Electro-Gen is an electric solvent-based thermal fogger.

Odor Treatment | Thermal Foggers

UnSmoke Electro-Gen 2000

$ 16 / day

The Electro-Gen 2000 was designed with safety and performance in mind. The Electro-Gen 2000 uses water based thermal fogging formulations only, a safer alterative to petroleum based products. This unit delivers over 7,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. The Electro-Gen 2000 is an electric water-based thermal fogger.

Odor Treatment | Thermal Foggers


$ 100 / day

The ActivO enables you to do fast deodorization jobs more safely and efficiently. It features both an activation cycle and a unique fully automated deactivation cycle. This deactivation cycle rapidly clears an area of ozone after the ozone treatment is completed, minimizing the time involved until it’s safe to return to the area. A bold flashing light provides a continuous alert that ozone is being generated – when the light goes off, the odor is gone… and so is the ozone.

Odor Treatment | Ozone Generators

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