Can Your Carpet Make Your Family Sick?

You like most recognize the importance of vacuuming. However, when was the last time your carpets were professionally cleaned? Perhaps recently or perhaps not so recently. Carpet is something we walk on every day but is easy to forget. Within carpet fibers could hide dust mites, allergens, pet feces, and other bacteria lurking inside. These could be dangerous to the health of your family, friends, and pets. Ask yourself, how do I know if my carpet is making my family sick? Here are some problems that can arise if your carpet is not cleaned professionally regularly.

Respiratory Problems

If you are having difficulty breathing while at home, other than the COVID-19, your carpet could be the issue. If you inhale certain bacteria, spores, and more, these may cause respiratory problems. 

Allergies acting up

If your allergies seem worse when you are at home it could be a flare-up caused by your carpet. Mold, dust, tiny bugs, and pet hair can be hiding in your carpet and have been known to aggravate allergies. Dust mites can also cause rashes and nose/eye irritation.

Skin Problems

If there are bacteria in your carpet or upholstery fabrics it can enter your body through a cut in your skin. This can cause skin infection. Dust mites can also cause skin rashes and irritations.

Has any of your family members experienced these symptoms? It may be your carpets. What can you do to help prevent damaging your health? Regularly vacuuming your carpets twice a week or more in high traffic areas. If you have pets, vacuuming every day is strongly recommended to remove dirt, hair, dander, and other allergens. Also, have your carpets professionally cleaned every six months, especially if you have pets, which can keep your carpets clean and healthy for you and your family. 

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