Extend the Life of Your Carpet–How?

Do you have a property for rent? Does someone in your home often make messes, or is your carpet getting a lot of wear? No matter how careful you are, life always gets a little messy. From morning coffee, pasta night, game day, or new/older pets, somehow spills always happen. Those spills can turn into stains on your carpet or upholstery, some harder to get out than others. You may wonder, what can I do to protect my carpet so it stays looking great for many years? Well, the answer is simple… Carpet Protector. But what is it?

Carpet Protector can best be explained by comparing it to wax on a vehicle. The wax forms a protective barrier around your vehicle to protect it from the elements. Same with Carpet Protector, it adds a layer of defense by wrapping the fibers with a protective coating that won’t allow normal spills to be absorbed creating soil or stains.

A great looking carpet can be ruined by ugly stains. A protected carpet repels dirty foot traffic and spills better than unprotected carpet and having the ability to remove spills more effectively will help you to avoid that permanent stain. Also applying Carpet Protector can help get more longevity and increase the life of your carpet keeping it looking fresh for a longer period of time.

Still not sure if Carpet Protector lives up to what it’s offering or is the right fit for you? Want to have an in-home demonstration? All Out Cleaning & Restoration technicians will happily do a demonstration for you. You can see a video here. The video demonstration shows the wonderful effects of Carpet Protector. You will be amazed by the results.