Keys to a Healthier Home

Spring has arrived!

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your home healthier as the weather warms and allergies begin:

Maintain air circulating in rooms where moisture can build. Bathrooms and kitchens are two spots that can produce mold and mildew.

Keep exhaust fans running during and after showers to remove moisture and when in the kitchen to remove smoke and cooking fumes. Don’t leave spills, puddles or soaking rags/towels for extended periods of time

Use HEPA filters anywhere a filter may be needed, this includes vacuums, air purifiers, and in your home air conditioner. This can help minimize allergy causing irritants from building up in the home.

Don’t walk around inside with shoes that you wear outside. Leaving shoes in a dedicated place that near the entrance point will not only keep floors cleaner and free of debris from outside but also help reduce the amount of pollutants brought inside.

Use natural cleaning products that do not contain harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritations and trigger allergies or breathing problems. This can include soap and water, baking soda, vinegar, or essential oils.

Clean spills immediately and fix leaks within 48 hours to prevent mold or continue water damage.

Seal concrete basements from the outside to keep water from breaking down concrete over time and letting in moisture and outside pollutants.

Install a water filter at your tap or use a water filter pitcher to keep drinking water safe to drink. Water from old pipes may need to be run for 30 seconds to “flush corrosives out” before they are safe to drink.

If you burn wood in a fireplace, install glass doors in front of the hearth to contain the smoke.

When choosing pesticides opt for all-natural alternatives for lawn and garden, this will not only protect you but also protect pets from allergies or illnesses related to the harsh chemicals.

When working with products such as paint strippers, things with formaldehyde, or adhesives avoid using them in unventilated workspaces or enclosed areas. Outside is the best place to use them to prevent fumes from coming inside your home.

These simple tips can make a huge difference in a home where allergy sensitivites are a concern!

What tips do you have to keep your home safe from allergens, irritants and pollutants? Share them with us on Facebook!