Smells & Sales

Fresh baked cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies.

It makes the house smell amazing and gives you the warm fuzzy feeling that you are “home”.

That response makes it an effective selling tool for realtors to making homes more pleasant and appealing for prospective buyers. Although many realtors use candles and strategically placed air fresheners, the idea works the same.

What’s the big deal?

Why does the smell of your home have an effect on our mood or those of our visitors (and is this that big of an issue)? A survey conducted by Realtor® Magazine Online mentioned the link between odors and home buying may be more than just something “smelling” good . They focused specifically on the negative effect bad odors have on people purchasing homes. 83% said they detected urine or feces smell in up to 10% of homes while 94% said they detected mold and mildew odors in up to 20% of homes. That is a large percentage of homes where they could potentially have to slash the price or lose out on the sale altogether.

4% of people questioned indicated that tobacco smells had no effect on the desirability of the home.

61% percent said a hint of urine or feces would make the home completely unsellable.

30% said mold and mildew odors have affected the price points of the home by lowering the values substantially.

9/10 said that their clients always picked up on any odors mentioned by the realtors and that the issue overall made for an uncomfortable conversation with the home seller they were representing. At times we become accustomed to smells and don’t notice them, so to have someone come and tell you your home smells like urine or mildew and is unsellable (or at least not at that price point) is a tough job in itself.

What can be done about this smelly disaster?

Whether you are looking to sell or not we have the equipment and tools to deodorize and remove odors. Don’t let the problem hold you back from enjoying your home, or being able to sell it at a fair price. Our special equipment includes an ozone machine, sub-surface deodorant injector, air movers and a deep carpet extraction tool. Used together with our bio-enzyme deodorizer, carpet and fabric deodorizer and a good strong disinfectant, we can guarantee you will love the results.

Could you or someone you know use this service? Know a realtor who might be able to suggest this service to current or future clients? Feel free to contact us or forward our information to a friend or client for a FREE in home carpet consultation!