Maintaining Your Tiled Floors

Nothing can make your Tiled or Natural Stone floors look more unsanitary than dirty grout lines. You work hard to have a clean and cozy home, so what can you do to maintain your floors and at the same time not waste your valuable time? The key is maintenance.

If your floors have been cleaned and sealed by a professional, what you do after can have an effect on its beauty. Never mop your tiled floors before you vacuum or sweep. If you do, you’re basically moving dirt and grime to different areas of your floor including the grout lines. Begin by vacuuming your floor thoroughly, you will save a lot of time and money. Next, consider the type of floor mop you will use, it’s usually best to use a microfiber cloth mop. You should also give thought to the type of detergent, a mild cleaner is usually recommended.

Once the cleaning is complete we recommend you do a quick dry. Simply use a towel to wipe up the excess water. This will help speed up the drying and help your floors to look beautiful. These simple suggestions will add value to your home.