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Effects of Cleanliness on Happiness

Does a clean bedroom or home make you happy?The obvious answer to most may seem like a yes. But why? “Cleanliness” can mean different things to different people and for the purpose of our article we are going to use it to refer to both physical cleanliness and relative organization of a space. Talking about […]
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The Trouble with Man’s Best Friend

For some, pets are as much our family as children are to others. With the responsibility of owning pets comes the risk of accidents happening in the house. Whether you have a dog or a cat or some other kind of animal you let free roam on carpeted areas, it will most likely present an […]
Carpet Cleaning

Floor Care

We take pride in our home. It is a reflection or an extension of who we are and how we wish to be represented. Some days it may get a little messy (we all have those days) and some days it all comes together. The finishing changes and updates we make to add beauty to […]
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